PrimHall offers remanufactured UB Binders to compliment our Perfect Binding lines. Stand-alone rebuilds are also provided to interface with an existing equipment line. Remanufacture consists of total disassembly of the Binder, cleaning, and re-painting of all components. All wear items including bearings, chains, and belts will be replaced. Worn or damaged items will be repaired or replaced. The end result is a Binder equal to or better in performance than a new Binder.

Enhancements will be added as defined in detail below:

- Expanded capacity, width.
- Single point adjustment for width.

Level Shelf:
- Precision surface level shelf.
- Remote, single point adjust for side guides.
- Digital readout for height and width.
- Level for level shelf.
- Wider level plates.
- High clamp detect at closing, that wonít destroy clamp.
- Book thickness detector utilizing clamp roller.

- Aluminum clamps.
- Conversion to larger or smaller centers.
- Expansion to 2-3/8, 2-3/4 or 3-1/4-inch thickness capacities.
- Conversion from single to double locking cams.
- Grooving of clamps for greater holding capacity.
- Conversion from single to double strand chain.
- Conversion from single sprocket to double sprocket drive.

- Additional saws and roughers.
- Timed Notcher.
- Brushes.
- Braking systems for cutting units.
- Detectors to sense loss of vacuum.
- Detectors to sense heat and smoke.
- Remote adjust for back-ups.
- Digital readouts for height of units.
- Clamp opener hook at roughers.
- Extended signature in clamp detector.

Glue Systems:
- Remanufacture of Universal Pots.
- Expansion of Glue Pot thickness capacity.
- Addition of C & W Applicator Pot.
- Addition of Muller side glue side wheel applicator.
- Adaptation of extrusion side glue systems.
- Emulsion Pot, new, with a variety of enhance adjustments.
- Digital readouts for height adjustment.

Cover Feeder/Raceway:
Cover Feeders can be ordered new or remanufactured, standard or multiple selective style. Standard Horizontal Board Feeders can be simply remanufactured or Prim Hall can provide Rotary Drum Feeders or Short Board Feeders to an existing standard Board Feeder to create a Selective Cover Feeder System.

Cover Scoring units are available in 2, 4 or 6 wheel models for placement in the horizontal Cover Raceway after the Cover Feeder. The Cover Raceway can be extended to provide necessary space for cover registration.
- DC Drive to replace ratchet feed.
- Rotary valve to replace slide valve.
- PLC to replace Gemco.
- Scoring unit with up to six wheels, inverted scoring, adjustable hinge spacing, on the fly adjusting with good quality.
- Registration section for scoring.
- Manual re-feed section.
- Chain guide tracks with hardened, replaceable insert for turn.
- Side guides, which have tighter tolerance.
- Digital readout for side guides.
- Markings in raceway to set covers in Cover Feeder to register to clamp surface.
- Multiple Cover Feeders:
- Short Boards.
- Drum Feeders.

- Primary Drum Feeder with Loader and Pile Conveyor.

Cover Applier:
- Thickness expansion.
- Tangent Applier wheel with fall away pins.
- Better adjustment for phasing the cover raceway chains.
- Digital readout.

Cover Breaker:
- Thickness compensating.
- Wing thickness.
- Clutch for timing.
- New or remanufactured.
- Digital height and width readouts.

Cold Book Diverts are available for Standard Binder Deliveries. Ink Jetting and card insertion areas are available for Timed (Custodial) Deliveries. A Good Book Divert with Pilemaker and accompanying accumulating conveyors are rounded out by a Refeed Book Block Feeder (with available Shorty Hopper Loader) and Trimmer interface.
- Timed Delivery with phasing for chain to plate chain.
- Long, Tall Book Detector.
- Timed Laydown.
- Width and length variations for Laydowns.
- Plate top Laydown.
- Cold Book Reject.
- Good Book Divert with Pilemaker.
- Shuttle Feeder for reefed.
- Custodial Conveyors.
- Conversion of single belt delivery to dual belt delivery.

- Lubrication from oil to grease and oil.
- Addition of CE Guarding.
- Top enclosure.
- Sound absorbing package.
- Crash Feeder.
- End Sheet Combiner.
- New drive systems including electronic line shafts.
- New PLC Control systems.

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