Once again PrimHall has brought its vast experience to newspaper applications. The commercial binderies "zero defect tolerance" environment has lead PrimHall to develop a superior caliper able to measure products of less than 2 thousandths of an inch and "count" the number of products pulled on each cycle. Therefore, along with miss detection, the Accu-Count caliper measures and records multiples of products - whether two, three, four etc. This information is invaluable to today's insert operations where inventory management and package quality are at the forefront.

The caliper is "self learning" and continues to recalibrate during the run, accounting for product thickness variation. Precise information about each hopper (product) is fed back to the control system providing full accountability in reportable formats. The caliper is easy to set up at the push of a button and is non-operator defeatable.

The Accu-Count is not only available on PrimHall equipment, but is also available for:
- GMA SLS-1000 Inserters
- Heidelberg/Harris/Sheridan Inserters
- Sheridan IMPAC Hoppers and associated ..Process Control Systems such as ARS and ..ICON.
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