With the ability to interface to virtually any Vertical or Horizontal Feeder Hopper available, the PrimHall range of "Log" Loaders are among the most versatile units available. "People power" can be reduced significantly, as one person can operate 3 to 4 Loaders at one time. The pile in the Hopper feed tray is more uniform when fed by Loaders, reducing pocket faults. Separately driven lay up and incline sections provide the most uniform pile in the industry. Customization options for the Hopper Loader include a variety of joggers and a power point for shelf joggers. Fast makeready features, such as single point side guide adjustments and actuator driven feed depth adjustments, are also available.
- Can process and "stream feed" signatures from both logs and brick stacked material.
- Minimal changeover between products.
- Position of Loaders at each Hopper for most applications.
- Rugged design provides most reliable units in the industry.
- Single point side guide adjustment, hand feed station, and positioning actuator aid operator efficiency.
- Dual motor conveyor design provides consistent product presentation.

Not all Hopper Loaders are Created Equally
Are you having trouble running cards? Tabloids? Thin signatures? PrimHall can offer the solution. PrimHall has been designing Hopper Loaders to suit the full spectrum of signatures (in both format and thickness) for commercial printing applications for over 15 years. There is no "one size fits all" approach in our Hopper Loader interface. With the ability to interface to virtually any Vertical or Horizontal Feed Hoppers available today, let PrimHall be your choice for quality Hopper Loaders.

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