The PrimHall In-Line Tipper for Saddle Binding allows side-glued inserts to be added to stitched publications. The Tipper can be added In-line to the inserts section of a Stitcher Line, occupying the space of two insert hoppers. An existing hopper is used to feed the tip-on into the tipper raceway. A variety of applications apply, for example removable advertisements, booklets without perforated signatures, and to page color supplements.

The PrimHall In-Line TIpper provides a number of benefits. The use of an existing Hopper to feed tip-ons reduces feeding and interfacing problems seen on Tippers that do not utilize familiar equipment. The In-line operation reduces manpower associated with off-line operations. The PrimHall In-Line Tipper also allows a full size range of tip-ons and provides excellent alignment of the tip-on to the backbone of the product.


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