3G Series Hoppers are available new or remanufactured to serve a full range of signature sizes. Offered in 3G-18, 3G-21 or 3G-24 models, each is designed to accommodate different product types.

Hoppers are driven by the Gatherer Base line shaft and can be simply clutched in and out of operation. Significant enhancements have been developed by Prim Hall and are often requested by customers who want to upgrade their existing Hoppers to the highest level.

Interfaces are available for all Binders.
- In-line Rotary concept - Pocket to Raceway.
- Fault rate target of 2 per 100,000.
- Base frames available in 27-inch and 35-inch centers for 2-Box, 4-Box or 5-Box units.
- "Big Bite" Gripper Cam provides smooth Hopper action while expanding bite range to pull "followers".
- Learn Mode Caliper, the most technically advanced in the market today, is available on all models.
- Servo Drive Elements to further enhance the feeding/collating process.
- Micro-Adjust Paper Tray enhances precision of paper feed.
- Pneumatic Tensioner provides proper tension in the chain at all times by automatically compensating for chain wear.
- Newly designed Stripper Belt Assembly offers adjustable brackets that change the clearance to the bottom of the raceway.
- Heavy-duty Drum and Gripper assembly.
- Reversible separator for Gatefold adjusted with the twist of a knob.

Our unique Hopper Rebuild program, with enhancements, provides new Hopper performance to older vintage Hoppers. A special substitution arrangement can be especially beneficial to someone who is upgrading but doesn't want to drop production during the transition.

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