PrimHall has been privileged to be a major supplier to the commercial printing industry since its inception in 1988. PrimHall equipment can be found in a wide variety of applications in binderies across North America and abroad. This vast experience has allowed us to bring unique and alternate solutions to the newspaper market to answer the demands of continued FSI growth.

The "zero defect" tolerance level of commercial binderies means that only equipment that can perform consistently at the highest standards can survive, and PrimHall is proud to be able to make that claim.

The duty cycle for equipment involved in monthly publication finishing requires a robust design that will endure the rigors of running for extended periods, often 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. With a wide variety of product applications, PrimHall's equipment range is ideally suited to newspaper assembly.

Our designs have been proven over many years in a variety of bindery applications. Continued FSI growth in the newspaper industry is demanding such alternate solutions; that's exactly what PrimHall provides. Whether it be an FSI Packaging System or auxiliary hopper loaders, see what PrimHall can do for you.

Whether you're looking for a complete packaging system for your Sunday inserts, Hopper Loader to help streamline your feeding process, or Calipers to measure insert accuracy, look to PrimHall for the solutions.

FSI Packaging System
Increase efficiency and system accountability with PrimHall's FSI Packaging System. Deliver micro-zoned or address specific polywrapped packages of up to 120 different preprints at speeds up to 18,000 per hour.

Hopper Loaders
The PrimHall Newspaper Hopper Loader is the most technically advanced Loader on the market today, through innovative development efforts.

PrimHall's Accu-Count Caliper is a significant enhancement compared to conventional Calipering devices for those developing a Mailroom Inventory Management System. The system provides the means to "count" the number of inserts pulled each cycle from each Hopper.

Off-Line Mailing
Solo mail operations are fast becoming a necessity for newspapers. Premium advertising customers are demanding a solo mailing along with their regular insert advertising. In order not to let this valuable business slip away, newspapers can take advantage of their subscriber and non-subscriber database. PrimHall's ML-300 Off-Line Mailing System is designed for the challenge.

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