Whether you're in need of a complete Gatherer/Binder line for increased production, looking to add Hopper Loaders to an existing line, or can benefit from the various upgrades and enhancements available on new or existing equipment, look to PrimHall for the solutions.

Perfect Binding System
PrimHall's primary business focus is the Gatherer. Our business has been driven by the demographics in the Perfect Binding industry. We have the capabilities and desire to create a binding system that best meets our customers' needs. The end result is greater efficiency and productivity with a Prim Hall system.

3G Series Hoppers are available new or remanufactured to serve a full range of signature sizes. Offered in 3G-18, 3G-21 or 3G-24 models, each is designed to accommodate different product types. Significant enhancements have been developed by Prim Hall and are often requested by customers who want to upgrade their existing Hoppers to the highest level.

Hopper Loaders
With the ability to interface to virtually any Vertical or Horizontal Feeder Hopper available, the PrimHall range of "Log" Loaders are among the most versatile models available on the market today. PrimHall Loaders can efficiently process and "stream feed" signatures from both logs and loose brick stacked material. Narrow design allows for positioning of Loaders at each Hopper for many applications.

PrimHall remanufactures Sheridan UB Binders for complete binding systems. Stand-alone rebuilds are also provided to interface with an existing equipment line. The end result is a Binder equal to or better in performance than a new Binder.

Conveyor Systems from PrimHall are available in both standard and custodial configurations. Systems are typically customized with a variety of basic standard elements. With the advent of demographics in the Perfect binding marketplace, Conveyor systems have become typically longer and more complex.

PrimHall offers remanufactured Heiderlberg/Harris HT (3-Knife or 5-Knife) or VT (3-Knife) Trimmers for Perfect Binding Lines. We can also incorporate other manufacturers' Trimmers into our configurations.

Prim Hall's In-Line mailing Systems give the versatility to handle all your mailing needs. With the ability to interface to any Trimmer, single or dual lane conveyors are available for 3 or 5 knife work.

Depending on product specifications, Prim Hall offers compensating counter RIMA Stackers for use on our Perfect Binding Lines.

Prim Hall offers customized controls systems packages designed to improve machine efficiency through minimizing the amount of machine downtime and rejected material. PrimHall Machine Controls can be integrated with demographic control systems from a multitude of manufacturers in the market today.

The PrimHall In-Line Tipper for Saddle Binding allows side-glued inserts to be added to stitched publications. The Tipper can be added in-line to the Insert section of a stitcher line, occupying the space of two insert Hoppers. A variety of applications apply: removable advertisements, booklets with perforated signatures, two page color supplements, etc.

The PrimHall In-Line Tabbing system provides accurate and repetitive applications of tabs to Slim-Jim and digest-size books at speeds up to 28,000 books per hour. Our In-Line Tabbing Systems can be configured in a number of variations. Depending on the availability of floor space, we can provide a system to fit your needs.

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